Laserline - Copper Welding with

Blue High-Power Diode Laser

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Laserline - Individual Intensity Profiles
with Multi-Spot Optics

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Laserline - Additive Manufacturing
with wire

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Laserline - Surface Hardening
with Diode Laser

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About Laser Automation

    Laser Automation Pvt. Ltd., was founded in year 2009, since then we have been successful in delivering high standard Industrial solutions. Our company mainly works in Industrial Material Processing by Multi kW Diode Laser and Marking machines by contact and non-contact method. Industrial Material Processing We represent M/s Laserline GmbH in India who are the world leading manufacturer of multi Kilo-Watt Diode Lasers for Industrial material processing with over 5000 installations worldwide. These lasers are established as the relatively most efficient and perfectly suitable for non-cutting